Being a successful failure.

Currently my main obsession is wrestling, I go all fangirl over Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and Alberto Del Rio (I have other ones but they change about too much *cough* CM Punk *cough*...). I'm fully WWE and always watch (or catch up on...) Raw, Smackdown and NXT.

Other things I like and sometimes reblog are Lady Gaga, Adam Ant/Adam and the Ants, wrestling related stuff, 70's punk (mainly Sex pistols and sex/siditionaries fashions) Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, and Vivienne westwood fashions (any quirky fashions really... oh and heels, I like heels...) and other random stuff.

I’ve seen Adam Ant live four times in 2012 (including Shepherd’s bush meet & greet 30-11-12) and Lady Gaga twice (Monster Ball 2010 and BTWB 2012). I've only seen wrestling live twice (Wrestlemania revenge tour 19/4/13 and WWE Live 12-11-13) and I met Dolph Ziggler hehe... (12-11-13)
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